Below you will find a link to a website that I created for my administrative internship while at UVM.  My internship allowed me to have exposure to various components of school leadership and expanded my skills as a leader.

Internship Link


One response to “Internship

  1. Judith Aiken

    Brian – I really like your Internship Blog and think it would be a useful tool for all of our interns. I may call on you for some assistance in teaching next year’s interns how to set this up! I think this is another useful set of tools for you to draw on as you move forward. The blog is quite comprehensive with all of the requisite materials located, as well as required components for the Internship. You maintained an ongoing reflective journal that documents your journey. One can see how your are learning and growing along the way. The blog is certainly user friendly and attractive. Your visuals have been carefully selected to best reflect each section. I know this took much time and as faculty, we appreciate your work on both the blog and your portfolio. Obviously, you have excellent technology skills that will serve you well. Again, really nice work!

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