Below you will fine my original statement of purpose when I applied to the Educational Leadership and Policy Study program at UVM.  During the last few years I feel that I’ve grown tremendously as a person and a leader.  Overtime my vision of what it means to be an  educational leader changes as I acquire more  knowledge, language, and confidence.

Original UVM Statement of Purpose

First 100 Days of Leadership


One response to “Growth

  1. Judith Aiken

    Brian – As I read your First 100 days, I am pulled back to your leadership philosophy statement. I see the connections for sure. I like how you thought this through – and yes, it can be scary, but exciting as well! By listening, building relationships, assessing the political climate, and fostering a trusted team of advisors, I think you will begin to impact the type of culture you hope to build in your school. I am glad you thought about your first 100 days. You could take this overview and actually turn it into an “action plan” for yourself with more detail, timelines, and so forth. Don’t forget the community and making connections there as well. Again, nicely done.

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