Visionary Planning







This section demonstrates my ability to implement systematic change while having a clear understanding of future problems and possible solutions.  I’ve aligned my ideas with current trends in educational research and supported myself with student/system data.  My goal is to work collaboratively with teachers and community members to create a shared vision which provides high quality learning opportunities.


EDLP 334 Effecting and Managing Change

EDFS 209 Introduction to Research Methods

EDLP 319 Internship


EDLP 334 Change Paper (Assessing readiness for reducing childhood obesity)

EDFS 209 Effect of Physical Activity on Academic Performance

Action Research Project (School Wellness Program)


One response to “Visionary Planning

  1. Judith Aiken

    Nice Brian – I like how you arranged this section with a brief description/reflection on how you feel you met the standards, then listed courses and projects as evidence. Each of your projects is testimony to your deep concern for health and wellness and a reflection of your role as a leader in promoting such environments to contribute to effective learning. Well done!

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