Safe and Effective Learning Environments

This sections demonstrates my ability to both understand the importance of creating a safe and effective learning environment and how I would go about creating a positive and respectful school climate.  All people should feel that a school is a safe place for them to learn and be free from discrimination.  It’s our responsiblity as educators to be strong role models to children and ensure the emotional and physical safety of every person.


EDLP 334 Effecting and Managing Change

EDLP 387  Collaborative Consultation

EDFS 209 Introduction to Research Methods

EDLP 353 Organizational Leadership

EDLP 319 Internship


EDLP 334 Change Paper (Assessing readiness for reducing childhood obesity)

EDLP 387 I-Project childhood obesity

EDFS 209 Effect of Physical Activity on Academic Performance

EDLP 353 Ethical Leadership

EDLP 353 Free and Appropriate Public Education

Action Research Project (School Wellness Program)

Internship Blog


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