This section demonstrates my understanding of various systems involved in the managing of personnel within a school setting.  Educational leaders have a broad range of responsibilities, one of which is being able to recruit, supervise, and develop staff.  During my time as an educational leader, I’ve been able to gain experience in various aspects of being a manager.


EDLP 266 Education Finance

EDLP 335 Staff Evaluation and Development

EDLP 319 Internship


EDLP 266 Lay Guide to District Financing

EDLP 335 Supervision and Evaluation Lab Report

Internship Blog


One response to “Personnel

  1. Judith Aiken

    Although this review is not an evaluation of the papers/projects you did in your courses, I am enjoying looking at the work you did, even revisiting some of the work you did in the courses I teach. It is clear that you see the relationship to course theory and application in practice. And, as I suggested, when interviewing, draw on this work to give potential employers a sense of what you know and can bring to a district or school in a leadership position.

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