Interpersonal Skills

This section demonstrates my ability to communicate, understand, and be responsive to the diverse needs of others.  I hold myself to the highest ethical and moral standards and am dedicated to creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and empowerment.


EDLP 334 Effecting and Managing Change

EDFS 354 Challenge of Multiculturalism

EDLP 387  Collaborative Consultation

EDFS 209 Introduction to Research Methods

EDLP 353 Organizational Leadership

EDLP 319 Internship


EDLP 334 Change Paper (Assessing readiness for reducing childhood obesity)

EDFS 354 Ethnography

EDLP 387 I-Project childhood obesity

EDFS 209 Effect of Physical Activity on Academic Performance

EDLP 353 Ethical Leadership

Action Research Project (School Wellness Program)


One response to “Interpersonal Skills

  1. Judith Aiken

    I like your visual and how it makes explicit your interpretation and understanding of interpersonal skills. Seems that many of the courses and paper/projects from the courses helped you realize how you see this skill being implemented in practice. Thus, I am happy to see how you have applied learning to the practice of educational leadership. I think your selection of evidence is strong. My only recommendation would be to have made it a tad more explicit why you think this piece of evidence demonstrates how you feel you attained the skill. This would also help you in interviews. For example, if someone asked you a question related to this area, you could site some of your own work. That said, very well documented section!

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