Collaborative Skills

This sections shows my ability to collaborate with others in various capacities.  I believe in having a shared leadership approach and that everyone has something positive to bring to the table.  When collaborating with others my focus is on creating a positive group climate that promotes high quality work.


EDLP 387 Collaborative Consultation

EDLP 319  Internship


EDLP 387 How to Build a High Functioning Team

VEHI Wellness Grant Proposal


One response to “Collaborative Skills

  1. Judith Aiken

    Again, you support your beliefs about collaboration with evidence from your course work. As you move forward, I am certain that many of the ideas that you were introduced to in the courses will become even more evident in your work as a leader. I think the selection of evidence for this section clearly documents ideas related to collaboration. Also, the photos and visuals you provide for each competency add to the quality of your electronic portfolio.

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